Emily Frances Algar is a culture and political journalist with experience in content writing for the higher education and charity sectors. She also has experience in A&R when she worked on the Grammy Nominated Album (Best Folk Album) Front Porch by artist Joy Williams of The Civil Wars.

Emily has been published in a number of print and digital publications including Atwood Magazine, No Majesty, Medium, American Songwriter, Holler Country, I AM THAT GIRL and Record Collector magazine.

She specialises in both long and short form features as well as interviews and reviews. She has written pieces ranging from the commercialisation of feminism and feminism in popular culture, critiques surrounding freedom of speech and the #MeToo movement as well as recently interviewing refugees from Iran.

Emily has a Masters in International Security from Oxford Brookes University. Her thesis looked at the extent to which the media shaped public opinion during the Vietnam and Iraq (2003) wars. She received a Merit for both her thesis and Masters degree.

In Conversation: 2020

A clip from my interview with Saxophonist Jess Gillam, talking about the importance of music during the pandemic. The interview was featured in Atwood Magazine – Where We All Go to Dance: Community, Connection & Music with Saxophonist Jess Gillam.
In August I got to interview the artist Lennon Stella. Here is a clip of us discussing her song ‘Pretty Boy’ from her album Three. Two. One. The interview was featured in Atwood Magazine – Alternate Endings: Life and Music in Quarantine with Artist Lennon Stella.
A candid discussion with country singer Sophie Sanders about her song ‘Dear Country Music’. The interview appeared in Atwood Magazine – “Dear Country Music”… A Conversation with Singer/Songwriter Sophie Sanders.